The World and Me

P.S. I Love You Foundation’s The World & Me is a unique 12-week world awareness, social studies and geography program.  This program’s goal is to stimulate curiosity and help foster mental and social development through the influence of world awareness.  The benefits the child learns at the end of this program encompass: global awareness, interactive conversations, map familiarity, positive insight to other race and religions, tolerance, and understanding current affairs. 

The World & Me is dedicated to improving self-awareness and respect in the lives of at-risk children from elementary to middle school years. This program can be implemented both “during school” and/or as an “after-school” program.

Through The World & Me children can:

  • Awaken a sense of wonder and appreciation for humankind
  • Help students develop the power to ask important, penetrating questons
  • Develop respectful attitudes toward themselves and others through awareness of other countries and cultures
  • Inspire students to build tolerance
  • Influence self-confidence through successful completion of interactive puzzles, memorization games and team projects

The World & Me Mantra: