KidsExcel Sports

P.S. I Love You Foundation’s KidsExcel Sports was developed in collaboration with Beach Cities Health District, and Redondo Beach’s Children Development Center for at-risk children ages 5 to 13 that attend Title 1 Schools. (Title 1 means at least 51% of the attending children are at-risk)  Approximately 30 children are involved in each program.

KidsExcel Sports is a twelve-week program where instructors teach a set curriculum involving interactive volleyball training to influence: positive character development, increase self–esteem and promote healthy body awareness through individual and team sport work.


Through KidsExcel Sports children can:

  • Increase leadership skills; provide repetitive tools and habits for guidance and control both in and out of the classroom. 
  • Inspire students to extend concentration techniques while building healthy bodies; provide interactive activity that engages an holds weekly interest
  • Build  self confidence through good practice; provide feeling of accomplishment
  • Develop respectful attitudes toward themselves and others through team building and self-assurance

KidsExcel Sports Mantra: