Hug A Community Program

P.S. I Love You Foundation’s Hug a Community program is a solution for corporations that want to give back to their local communities as well as provide mentor opportunities for their employees. Through this program, corporations can create positive differences in the lives of at-risk children within their community’s Title 1 schools -- from the elementary level through high school. Through one corporation ‘Hug a Community’ Program reaches an average of 250 at-risk children during a single school year.

Elementary School

P.S. I Love You Foundation instructors teach 12-week enrichment programs during school time. Our enrichment programs include Yoga123, KidsExcel Sports and The World & Me.

Middle School 

Love 4 Lunch
is a bimonthly one-on-one mentoring program that unites caring adult mentor role models (from the sponsoring organization) with at-risk children ages 8-13. Mentoring occurs during school hours following a set curriculum that relate to todays youth.
This program creates a positive, inspired and motivated mind-set in each child by realizing their social, emotional and academic potential. As a result this strengthens their families and enriches our local communities for a better tomorrow. Click here to watch a video of the program in action.

High School

Love 4 Knowledge is a career enrichment program for young adults ages 16-18. We collaborate with the sponsoring corporation interested in offering a "hands-on" learning experience, and unite the organization with enthusiastic youth that aspire to learn more about the business world.

‘Hug a Community’ is a 10-month school program that follows the school calendar year (September-June).  The classes are delivered during school time (or as an after-school program if so determined) and vary in length from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

In most cases, P.S. I Love You Foundation’s programs occur within the selected school classrooms or designated school locations.   The Love 4 Knowledge Career Awareness Program, if selected, takes place at the sponsoring company’s facility. 

‘Hug a Community’ is a customizable outreach program with an implementation plan defined in conjunction with the donating corporation. Enrichment programs are taught by P.S. I Love You Foundation instructors.  Mentor programs are led by selected employees within the sponsoring company’s organization.

The intent is to
hug a community near the company’s corporate offices through implementation of P.S. I Love You Foundation’s programs, ideally reaching an elementary school, middle school and high school during the course of a school year.  Schools and the impacted students benefit as recipients of fun, high-impact, enrichment and mentoring programs.  The program offers sponsors the following benefits:
  • The opportunity to benefit at-risk children in your surrounding community
  • An employee mentoring program with one-on-one employee to child support
  • The opportunity to see your funds “in action” via contact with the schools and the children involved
  • Employee bonding and cultural togetherness which increases loyalty and leads to a happier workplace
  • A public relations opportunity to highlight the company and goodwill within the community
  • Knowledge and confidence that donated funds are going directly to what your company requested
  • Assurance that your funds and your employees’ time are making a positive impact in the lives of at-risk
  • Company logo on class materials i.e. flip charts, Community Practice Journals, t-shirts
  • Introduction of company and sponsorship role in Program Introduction Letters sent to the parents, PTA and school administrators
  • Recognition in P.S I Love You Foundation or joint press releases pre- and post- program

To participate in the Hug a Community Program, please contact