About Us

P.S. I Love You Foundation, founded in 1998, is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing at-risk children through educational and inspirational enrichment programs and events in order to influence:

  • Health & Well-Being
  • Positive Attitudes & Choices
  • Social Development
  • HOPE

Our goal is to create positive and personal differences in the lives of at-risk children by teaching essential skills that influence the development of compassion, decision-making, positive attitudes and confident minds.  

P.S. I Love You Foundation's culture is one of creativity, fun and integrity.  Each and every staff member, instructor and volunteer shares these values, and they drive our efforts and accomplishments for children.


  • Love:  Build compassionate and caring young individuals
  • Creativity:  Be open to new ideas, embrace change and listen to feedback
  • Collaboration:  Respect and value each other, thrive on our diversity and work together
  • Integrity: Live through truth and honesty
  • Paying it Forward:  Increase the action to 'do good' for others
  • Hope:  Inspire children to participate in their lives and be happy.

We believe that any positive experience for a child, no matter how small, can last a lifetime.